Many of you probably already know this news, but this is for those of you that don’t!

So, I do this comic mostly for myself, but along the way I’ve discovered that what once was just solely “mine” has now become so much more. There are people out there – you! – who want to know where this story goes, have invested in my progress, and have been with me since the beginning. It’s a very humbling thought and not something I take lightly. Plus it’s not lost on me the irony that Crystal Saga and the new life I’m creating are in fact both my first babies – creations that I’ll be sharing with the world! I’m constantly growing and learning about new things each brings to the table and suddenly they have a life of their own. It’s amazing and terrifying and wonderful all at once!

I hope you’ll have patience with me as I go into the last phase of this and enter into the scary realm of parenthood. I don’t intend to give up, but going into the unknown makes me super nervous. Plus, there are so many more stories to tell!

Also, I’m still planning to submit to Hiveworks, because having a professional team behind the comic would be incredible! Also on PATREON, I’ll be sharing any and all comic related work on the hiatus to come. So, becoming my patron will be a super bonus! ~.^ Regular updates return next week (and a double update can now pop up somewhere soon)! Thank you so much to all my readers. Seriously, you are the best.