In which all characters have a minor freak out.


Also, so many colors!

↓ Transcript
Carnelian: I can't believe it!
Lapis: It's brilliant!
Opal: We're all gonna die!
Citrine: Well, it should have- (had a monster! - is what she wanted to say)
Saffy: What are we going to do?
Abalone: Where else can we go?
Peridot: But it's bright in ther-

RQ: Everyone! HUSH! Now Amei is that-

Amethyst: Yes. Only it's the largest vein of ECHO STONE ever! ahem. I mean- I've never read of a vein this big before...
Abalone: But, what is it?
Amethyst: It's pure magic, crystallized to amplify sound. The ancients used it for many things we can only imagine now.