OMG Finally the website has been fixed! My husband can fix anything. <3 I have been beating my head against a wall trying to get this problem worked out and he comes in and can fix it no problem. PLUS it’s been a hard month – AC broke, toilet broke, TABLET broke, websites broke, baby got sick, I got sick, and then my cover art job is confirmed closing at the end of this month… it’s not been fun.

But things are getting better. With Patron support I’ve got myself a NEW tablet! (So excited and thrilled!!) The house is back in working form, we are on the mend, and I’m at a place where I’m able to restructure my future. Not a bad outlook.

One more page going up Friday at the regular time and then updates will be sporadic as I fight to get back a buffer and some actual work done. Thank you so much for your patience and I’m looking forward to getting this comic back on track!