I know. I’m horrible to break this chapter up, but as I progressed through the sketch stage and realized the script was going to change I found I don’t have the time I once had. Thus the natural pause here has given me the opportunity to devote to refining the second half of this chapter.

No set time on the hiatus, but may it be sooner rather than later. I’ve had a blast resuming “normal” updates and want to get back to them asap. Thank you for continuing this journey with me!

Patreon is always the first place to get news and updates. I have up one of my first sketches (like on actual paper!) of Rose Quartz and Amethyst that jumpstarted this webcomic experience in the first place. Plus early updates and process GIFs of each page. Bonus: the last panel here is going up as a wallpaper for ALL patrons!