Oomph. Crammed the twelve in there though.

So excited to share this page with everyone. It’s been weeks and weeks of waiting!

A couple of new things- I changed to solid 100% opacity for the outlines, which gives a much cleaner look I think and works plot-wise. And let it be said here and now, the art styles will probably switch around due to plot (or me being bored) a lot within this book. Not sure if I’m going to keep coloring the outlines, but if I do make a switch it will be after this chapter.

Also! I’m taking a holiday break to hopefully catch up a bit on my buffer. It makes me nervous watching it go down and not getting replenished fast enough (what with having to do all the driving/going to places/hospital visits). REGULAR UPDATES will resume JANUARY 9th! Though I’m hoping to update with a sketch or two between now and then. <3