Oh wow. So last Sunday (my sis’s birthday!) was the comic’s first birthday! I can’t believe how much time flies and how much more there is to go.

Soooo to celebrate and *crossing fingers* to get this chapter moving along I’m planning to finish this chapter up by the of the year! To do that there will be several double update weeks for remaining months. *throws confetti!* And then I will collapse in a heap for January and take a month long hiatus to prep for the next chunk of the story… but that’s future Gwen’s problem.

Thank you to those that have stuck with me and my little-big story. An even BIGGER thank you to the few Patrons I’ve had the good fortune to collect! Here’s to the next year being even better!

Edit: and HEY! Vote bait is up for TWC (click the link on the side there!) if you like animated process shots. 😀