But I can totally leave you on this one! *laughs an evil laugh*

First of all, A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for stopping by and reading this little/big project of mine. It’s truly a passion that keeps me going some days. BUT on that note, I’m afraid I’m going to need a bit longer to get a Chapter 3 buffer going and so I’m taking a small hiatus in February. I hoping and planning to be back on the 19th. Any guest art/fan art to post in the off-time would be amazing and welcome and loved. <3

What’s that?! Never fear dear readers, we do have good things to come in this chapter break! NEXT WEEK the prologue is coming out. Yes, yes, I realize that should have been done a looooong time ago, but you know, I’m learning as I go. (Here’s hoping I can get it to post correctly to come before chapter 1 in the archives!) Also, doing some website updates like adding to the cast page and some fiddly bits here and there to spruce things up. Suggestions are welcome!

Finally! If you are on Patreon, you’ve already gotten a sneak peek at the beta pages of the prologue and have an idea of what’s in store! Patrons get a backstage pass and all kinds of goodies. It’s an awesome way to support me and this project (but also TONS of other creators!). If you just can’t handle going that long without knowing what’s going on, consider becoming a Patron! I’ll be posting work in progress sketches, thumbnails, and bonus content. PLUS the super spiffy pdf of Chapter 1 is finally done! It’s been edited and tweaked and there are even some bonus pages! Each and every Patron will be receiving one.